House No. 128

History of the railway
and the guardhouse

It was a 24/7 business to guard a railway. And guarding was necessary – not only because of possible crashes, as the safety system wasn’t nearly as good as in the present day, but also against possible fires. That’s because sparks flew out of the steam locomotive chimneys, and they could easily light up the surrounding houses, fields, or forests.

All this was to be prevented by guards who lived just next to the railways in the guardhouses with their families. The house was far more than an office for the guards. The trains were there around the clock, so guarding was a continuous business – that’s why the houses became the guards’ homes. They lived there with entire families and livestock; often they kept gardens and fields next to the houses.

The private railway company “South-North-German Connecting Railway” started the service from Pardubice to Liberec in September 1856. The whole track from Pardubice to Liberec opened on May 1, 1859.

The most demanding was the section from Semily to Železný Brod, passing through a rocky gorge. When projecting the track, the engineers had to abseil from vertical rocks up to 70 meters high.

That’s also how the first workers had to get to the site. They had to make four tunnels in the area, in the total length of more than 700 m. At several places, a gallery protects the trains from falling stones, which is unique in Czechia. The first train passed from Semily to Železný Brod on this track on October 21, 1858, at 10 AM.

The Bahnhaus
Small and cosy

Living Room
the River

Whether traveling as a family or as a couple, you will find everything you need for a comfortable stay at the Bahnhaus. Light up the fire at a fireplace, read a book from our library, or just watch the passing trains and the surrounding landscape.

with a
Unique View

The guardhouse will provide comfortable accommodation for three people. The master bedroom is located on the open floor with a view of the passing trains.


In the morning, you can make your breakfast in our fully equipped kitchen, where you can also find basic ingredients (tea, coffee, oils, flavorings) and then enjoy it at a large window watching the passing trains and the Jizera River.

and Hall

The bathroom inside the house features a shower, a washbasin and a lavatory. The hall offers enough space for a comfortable storage of your belongings.

The Romantic

The outdoor area is a perfect place to relax. The fenced garden features everything you need – a pergola, grill and fireplace, and also an outdoor sauna and bathtub that can be heated.

Alternatively, you can also take a swim in the clean Jizera River, just 30 meters away.


What should you know
before your arrival?

Is the housing suitable for children?

For bigger ones, it is. The guardhouse has a fenced garden, and is located on a slope.

How many guests can fit into the house?

The guardhouse will provide comfortable accommodation for three people. The master bedroom is located on the open floor with a view of the passing trains. Other options on request.

What’s there to offer in winter?

In winter, you can enjoy the warmth of the fireplace and the view of the passing trains. Ski centers Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Rejdice, Paseky and Vysoké nad Jizerou are nearby (some 30 minutes away). All of them are perfectly suited for family skiing.

What about summer?

You can enjoy boat trips (a boat rent is nearby), cycling, swimming in the Jizera River, or barbecues in the garden overlooking the passing trains. Ideal for fly fishing enthusiasts. And if you want to take a trip to the surroundings or experience an adventure, just have a look at our tips.

Can I come with my pet?

We kindly ask you to leave your pets at home.

How do we reach you?

The Bahnhaus is located on the confluence of Jizera and Kamenice Rivers, two hours by train from Prague to the Spálov station. If driving, please park the car at the parking lot on the Jizera bank, and take a 200-meter walk across the railway bridge.

What’s the check-in time?

The house will be ready for you at 3 PM. The check-out time on the day of your departure is 11:30 AM.

Do you have gift vouchers?

Yes! A stay at Bahnaus is an unforgettable experience and a great gift. We will send you the voucher in printed form or electronically. Please contact us for more information.

Charmed by the Bahnhaus? In case of any questions, feel free to contact us or book a stay directly.